About Us




SAB TRANS CONSULT is a Romanian medical devices importer and distributor

With over 15 experience within medical field, SAB TRANS CONSULT offers importing and distribution services of medical devices for hospitals, pharmacies and private or non-private clinics as well as to private persons and medical doctors.

SAB TRANS CONSULT is a private company, accredited by the Romanian Ministry of Health, according to the EU regulations, for the medical field and is the sole distributor for Romania for MarFlow AG Switzerland– a well-known manufacturer of medical products, equipments and consumables..

Within its starting year, 2005, SAB TRANS CONSULT has offered specialized consultancy in medical business, sales, products marketing, medical trainings and since 2006, it started to import, distribute and sell medical products as well as to participate at hospital government-based auctions..            

Our products are high-quality with CE and ISO certificates and other medical recommendations. We are well-known within the Romanian medical and pharmaceutical market by winning several auctions, by the way we communicate, by finding the best solutions in a timely and mutual-based, doctor-patient interests. We're dealing with private clinics and state hospitals but we deliver medical products through our pharmacies network from Bucharest and other Romanian cities.

We have been in the field of Urology area for the long time; we offer some special products from which we're pleased to mention the most complete specialized stent sets (12 types) such as implantable Cook type, intraoperative, endopyelotomies, tumors, renal transplant stents, paediatrics, etc, with 3, 6 or 1 year long term; we have a wide range of products like Pigtail nephrostomy sets and Malecot, steel guidewires with PTFE from Nitinol, Titanium Cobra, Suprapubic drainage sets, Dormia stone baskets extractors, urine special antibacterian bags, prostactectomy 3 way haematuria catheters, bi and monopolar Tur electrodes, prostatic biopsy guns and needles and so much more.

SAB TRANS CONSULT is the only Romanian company that offers long-term (long-life) ureteral super stents.

We've started the distribution within Gastroenterolgy area 6 years ago and we have a wide range of products like esophageal expandable titanium stents, tumor, hepatic, biliary and pancreatic stents, stone basket extractors, endoscopy products, esophageal ligator kits, Savary and Cobra guidewires, sphincterotomes, papylotomes, semi-automatic biopsy systems, etc.

Also, if interested, please inquire about our state-of-art digital and manual Lipotriptors.